Altaussee lake circuit

Altaussee lake circuit

Altaussee is the only settlement on the lake shore of the lake of the same name, which is surrounded by mountain slopes. The Altausseer See is towered over by the Loser, which can be overcrowded when the weather is nice.

Hike around Lake Altaussee

Tour Dates:

  • Start: See car park in Altaussee
  • Refreshments available: Jagdhaus Seewiese on the opposite side of the lake
  • Duration: approx. 2.5 hours (3.5 hours with a break)
  • Difficulty: Easy, also suitable for prams
  • Total trail length: 7.5 km
  • Altitude gain: 61m up and down
  • Season: any time

The path is about 7.5km long, buggy-friendly and very easy to manage. Also one of the most beautiful lakeside paths in Austria, as you walk right next to the shore for the entire duration of the walk.

We park at the “Parkplatz See”, which is very easy to reach. You can just type it into Google Maps. Half an hour costs 50 cents, 4 hours 4€, the day ticket 8€. There are no other options, at least not with a bank card. However, you have to be lucky and get there early, as the parking lot is small and fills up quickly.

We choose path 1a counterclockwise along the Altausseer See. You can’t miss it, and there are hardly any junctions. You just always stay on shore. After just a few minutes you can see Altaussee on your left, with Loser enthroned above. By the way, we visited the lake once in summer and once in autumn. No matter the season, it is always beautiful.

The landscape is simply breathtaking. On the left is always the lake, on the right a beautiful forest. Then there is the vertical Trisselwand (1754m). We walk like this for a little over an hour, pushing the pram in front of us, until we reach the opposite side of the lake. There is now the only junction. You either continue to the right on the lake shore (in the direction of the landing stage) or straight ahead through the forest. Without knowing it, we take the slightly longer path through the forest (but the path along the shore is actually nicer). But don’t worry, after a few minutes you will see the turnoff towards the lake and the “Jagdhaus Seewiese”. We follow this and inevitably meet the shore path again (you can’t really get lost as the steep cliffs are to your right).

We stop at the hunting lodge, order a fresh char and an apple-blueberry strudel for dessert. While we are waiting for the food, I take photos of the beautiful riverside path that we first walked past.

Das Essen in der Jagdhütte ist großartig, selten haben wir einen so guten Saibling gegessen. Mit 21,9€ ist er nicht gerade billig, aber wohl einer der besten Fische, die wir je gegessen haben.

The picture-perfect snack station is often overcrowded, so making a reservation helps. But it’s not just for the good food that guests flock to. The fact that the “Jagdhaus Seewiese” appeared in the James Bond film “Spectre” in 2015 probably also plays a role.

If that’s not enough: there is a ferry station just 100 meters away. So you don’t even have to walk there, you can also visit the hut as part of a tour of Lake Altaussee. We probably only got a table because the ferry only docked exactly 10 minutes after we arrived.

The view of the lake invites you to linger. We continue towards Altaussee. This side of the shore is also beautiful. The water is crystal clear and green like an emerald. There are always nice little bays that invite you to swim, and small snack bars are also becoming more common near Altaussee.

Finally we arrive in the cute little town. The wooden facades of the houses are elaborately decorated, the flower boxes are lovingly cared for. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time for a site visit, as our parking permit is about to expire.

It takes about 1.5 hours to circumnavigate the lake, pure walking time of course, without stops. But who wants that? We keep stopping to take photos and treat ourselves to an amazing lunch in an incredible setting. In total we are on the road for more than 3.5 hours. After all, we’re on vacation, so don’t let it stress you out.

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