Apricot blossom in the Wachau

Apricot blossom in the Wachau

The magic of the apricot blossom in the Wachau

The Wachaua picturesque stretch along the Danube in Lower Austria, is a real highlight for nature lovers and photographers, especially in spring when the apricots are in bloom. Here you will find a unique combination of unspoilt countryside, historic buildings and culinary delights.

Time of the apricot blossom in the Wachau

The apricot blossom in the Wachau is an annually recurring natural spectacle that usually takes place between the end of March and mid-April. During this time around 100,000 apricot trees into a spectacular sea of pink and white flowers. The exact time of flowering can vary and is highly dependent on the weather conditions. We think the viewpoint from the hill overlooking Weißenkirchen.

Wachau, Weissenkirchen, 365 Austria - Paul Weindl

Walks through the apricot blossom

Apricot mile Rossatz-Arnsdorf

In the municipality of Rossatz-Arnsdorf, which is considered Austria's leading region for apricot cultivation, the so-called "Apricot Mile". This network of seven hiking trails invites you to explore the picturesque apricot gardens and farms dedicated to the cultivation of this fruit.

The "Apricot Mile" is divided into the following sections "Apricot Mile West" and "Apricot Mile East". The eastern section includes the villages of Rührsdorf, Rossatz and Rossatzbach, while the western section comprises the villages of St. Johann im Mauertale and the "four Arnsdörfer" Oberarnsdorf, Hofarnsdorf, Mitterarnsdorf and Bacharnsdorf.

There are information boards in the Salettl in Oberarnsdorf, which are accessible around the clock and provide comprehensive information about the Apricot Mile. If you are travelling by public transport, we recommend using the VOR bus route 720, which runs between Krems and Melk and stops along the B33 main road.

Sections of the Apricot Mile East:

  • Section 1 (red): On the first stage of the Apricot Mile East, participants stroll through the picturesque apricot gardens of Rossatz and Rossatzbach. You will be rewarded with marvellous views of the Danube and the historic town of Dürnstein rewarded. Approximately 5 kilometres long, estimated walking time about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Section 2 (green): This stage of the Eastern Apricot Mile begins in the centre of Rossatz and leads hikers through idyllic apricot orchards and vineyards to Rührsdorf. Along the way, numerous wine taverns invite you to linger, savour and relax. Around 4.5 kilometres, with an average walking time of around 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Section 3 (blue): On the third stage of the Eastern Apricot Mile, hikers can admire the magnificent apricot gardens between Rührsdorf and Rossatz, with picturesque views of the Danube across to the southern bank of the Wachau. About 3 kilometres long, the walk takes about 45 minutes.

Sections of the Apricot Mile West:

  • Section 1 (red): The first stage of the Apricot Mile leads along marvellous apricot gardens from Oberarnsdorf to Mitterarnsdorf, offering picturesque views of the Danube. Approximately 4.3 km long, approximate walking time 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  • Section 2 (blue): The second stage of the Apricot Mile starts in Oberarnsdorf and meanders along the Danube, past enchanting apricot gardens, to St. Johann im Mauerthale. Approximately 2.3 km long, approximate walking time about 35 minutes.
  • Section 3 (green): The third stage of the Apricot Mile West takes you from Oberarnsdorf through picturesque apricot gardens to the landing stage of the roller ferry, before the route leads back to Oberarnsdorf. Approximately 2.7 km long, approximate walking time 45 minutes.
  • Section 4 (yellow): The fourth stage of the Apricot Mile takes us through idyllic winegrowing villages and enchanted apricot gardens, with a constant view of the Danube. On our way we come across an old Roman path and discover impressive rock formations hidden in the forest. 6 km long, approximate walking time 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Oberloiben, Dürnstein

Another easy circular hike with a length of 1.8 km starts in Oberloiben, which is flat and takes about 1 hour. This hike is the perfect way to see the apricot blossom in the area around Dürnstein one of the most versatile places in the Wachau Valley

Lower Austria, Dürnstein, 365Austria by Paul Weindl

Other ways to explore the apricot blossom

Shuttle: During the apricot blossom season, the Wachau A special service: on two selected weekends, you can use the buses on routes 715, 718, 720 and 446 free of charge.

Ship: A boat trip with the DDSG Blue Danube Shipping is also an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of the region from the water.

Wheel: The Danube cycle path is ideal for anyone who wants to actively explore the blossoming landscape by bike. It is well signposted in both directions and leads along picturesque routes:

  • The stage on the north bank leads from Emmersdorf to Krems,
  • The stage on the south bank from Melk to Mautern.

Car: A practical suggestion: park your car in Krems or Mautern and cycle upstream through the blossoming landscape. The ferries allow you to easily cross over to the other bank and combine the various stages. If you don't have your own bike with you, you can conveniently hire a bike at the Nextbike stations.journey and accommodation

How do I get to the Wachau?

The Wachau is easily accessible by public transport. From Vienna, you can take the regional train to Krems an der Donau and from there continue by bus. An alternative is to travel by car along the Danube. There are numerous accommodation options in the region, from hotels to wineries, which offer an authentic Wachau experience.

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