Salzburg: Hohenwerfen Castle

Salzburg: Hohenwerfen Castle

The 900 year old fortified castle “Burg Hohenwerfen” in Werfen in Pongau brings the Middle Ages to life and is one of the most popular destinations for families with children. The adventure castle is perfect for a day trip in any weather, which we wanted to test out for you. Coming from Werfen towards Salzburg, there is a large car park on the right-hand side. From there you can decide whether you want to climb the hill on foot or take a lift. The castle is only accessible to a limited extent with a stroller, as there are various stairs leading up to the castle. If you decide to take the lift, the ticket office is right next to the lift and you can't miss it. A ticket with the lift costs €14.40 for adults, €8.20 for children and €35.90 for families. The prices include entry to the castle, ascent and descent with the lift, flight demonstration and falconry museum. 

Since we started our trip on a sunny day, we decided to walk to the Hohenwerfen adventure castle. The hiking trail to the castle also starts at the car park about 50 meters from the ticket office and takes about 20 minutes. Good footwear is important. The path mainly runs through the sparse forest. The climb is particularly interesting for children, as various information boards explain the forest life of the animals and the types of trees in the forest. Hunting and its importance are also explained in detail. Parents can enjoy the view of Werfen and the Salzach in the meantime. 

After about 10 minutes walk you reach a small hut where there are wooden loungers for resting in the meadow. 

A small, idyllic hut directly on the way to the castle.

After another 5 minutes, the castle is already in sight and the path leads to the castle entrance. There is also a ticket office there. We opted for a ticket without a castle tour, which cost us €10.40 per person. We also received a brochure to help us find our way around the castle. 

There is a lot to do at the castle itself. There are many attractions, especially for children.

Children's Audio Guide

At Hohenwerfen Adventure Castle, special audio guides have been developed that are tailored to the needs of children. You will receive the audio guides at the start of the tour in the castle courtyard.

Puzzle rally for children

Supported by the clever falcon Alonso, the kids go on an exciting puzzle rally, solve the secret of the shadow interactively and are rewarded with a little surprise. The little adventurers have to solve tricky tasks at several exciting stations. The puzzle booklet is also available at the checkout.

Play like in the Middle Ages

The little ones can have fun with lots of games in the castle courtyard. Activities like stilt walking, ring throwing and bowling are available all day long. Children can also build their own castle out of wooden blocks. 

Our tip: From May to September, the whole family can test their skills in a small tournament consisting of four stations under the motto "from squire to knight". This is followed by an awards ceremony. Each child receives a surprise.

After discovering the various possibilities at the castle, we had a refreshment in the garden of the Castle Inn, which is located in the middle of the castle courtyard. There you will find a selection of family-friendly dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel and burgers as well as coffee, cake, strudel and ice cream.

After coffee and delicious plum cake, we visited the special exhibition "Mythos Jackl - Wizards and Witches in Salzburg". The world of witches and wizards is presented on a total of four levels of the historic armory. The exhibition offers many opportunities for interaction. For example, children can fly over the castle walls on a witch's broom and record it on video, or perform magic together with a witch. For adults, an interrogation scene from the last major Salzburg witch trial about the "Ramingstein Beggar's Wedding" was prepared in the form of a 3D hologram projection.

A special highlight that we found really exciting was the bird of prey show at the Hohenwerfen Adventure Castle. Twice a day, different species of birds of prey, such as the bald eagle, griffon vulture, imperial eagle and desert buzzard, show off their flying skills and provide insights into the centuries-old art of falconry. The show can be admired on benches on the large lawn in front of the castle courtyard. 

Hohenwerfen Castle offers fun and excitement mixed with historical influences for the whole family and is definitely worth a day trip. 

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