Tyrol: Hintersteiner See

Tyrol: Hintersteiner See

The Hintersteiner See is certainly still one of the insider tips, even if it was named the most beautiful place in Tyrol in 2018 as part of the television program “9 Places – 9 Treasures”. Not only is there a wonderful lido right by the lake, the hike around the lake is also very worthwhile. We want to take a closer look at both in this blog.

Hintersteiner See

Circular route tour dates

  • Start: Parking lot right on the lake
  • Length: 5.2 km
  • Refreshments: Café Restaurant Seestüberl, Jausenstation Goingstätt, Pension Maier
  • Walking time: 1:30 hrs – 2:00 hrs
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Suitable for prams? The north bank, yes, the south bank only to a limited extent.
  • Season: May to mid-October
  • Elevation gain: uphill 130m, downhill 170m


Since the first parking lot is already completely occupied, we park at the second parking lot and pay 3 euros for it. Right at the beginning of the lake there is the lido with an extensive lawn for sunbathing, but more on that later. The water shimmers emerald green. There is also a restaurant (Seestüberl) with a very nice terrace right here at the beginning.

If you don’t have a car, we recommend the hiking bus. This is in daily use from the end of May to mid-October. The bus stop is in the village center of Scheffau (on the north side of the church) – from there the bus runs regularly to the Hintersteiner See and back.

Hintersteiner See circular route

We decide to do a counter-clockwise turn around the lake. First it starts from the parking lot on the east bank of the Hintersteiner See (890 m). We walk past the Café Restaurant Seestüberl on the north bank, always along the paved road no. 822. Fortunately, cars rarely drive here.

The lake is just idyllically beautiful, even the goats are lying on the meadow to enjoy the view. We continue our way along the lakeshore. The water is crystal clear, you always have the feeling of being able to see the bottom. If you look closely, you can even spot huge fish.

It goes along the north bank, past the Goingstätt snack bar, which we reach after half an hour. It is located directly on the opposite bank from the lake.

Now one could think that the path goes back narrowly around the lake, but that is wrongly thought. Instead, it continues straight and slightly uphill. We are slowly getting hot because hardly any part of the path has been in the shade.

At Pension Maier you have the last chance to stop. It looks inviting, it has a very great playground for children. We have now walked for a good 30 minutes. Up to here the path is easy to reach with a stroller.

Many people turn back here, but actually the nicer part of the hike begins now. The further way can be done with a stroller, but there should be two people as there are now a few obstacles such as steps, stones and roots.

We now continue through the very attractive forest. The path is initially relatively flat and easy to master – it is only easy to go up and down again, but on a relatively flat and well graveled path. You will be rewarded again and again with wonderful views of the lake. It’s unbelievable what color it is in some places. Again and again it shimmers emerald green in the sun.

We are slowly wondering why some advise against pushing a stroller here. But after ⅔ of the way it becomes clear to us. We can see the lido again, but now the path is getting steeper, stony and richer in roots. No problem for hikers, a bit more problematic for families with strollers. We work up a sweat at times, but it can be done.

After the largest hill there is also a downhill path with approx. 30 steps, which are no longer a problem. But you always have gigantic views of the lake. After about 1.5 hours we are finally back at the starting point. We are exhausted, but glad we did this hike. Now a bathing beach is just the thing!

The lido

The Hintersteiner See is a mountain lake with drinking water quality! Underground springs fill it with fresh mountain water. The temperatures are accordingly. In the summer months it warms up to an average temperature between 20 and 22 degrees. After a nice circular hike, that’s exactly the right thing to do.

In 2021, entry to the outdoor pool costs € 5. The later you come, the cheaper it is (although the parking lot gets fuller accordingly. You can relax very comfortably on an extensive meadow. There is enough space, but you have to be on the lookout for a shady one.

The lido has a small cafeteria that offers small dishes such as frankfurter, curry sausage, tarte flambée, pizza, baguette, meat loaf, ice cream and drinks. Despite the full parking lot, you never had the feeling that there was too much going on.

Rental of sun loungers & umbrellas and SUP possible Dogs are not allowed in the lido

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